Neuro yako relationship quotes

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neuro yako relationship quotes

baragaki: “ MTNN, Neuro x Yako doujinshi, [Immunization] By: Suede (?) and their relationship to a satisfying conclusion that makes you want more even as you . So many of the aus I've read have a quote at some point that. For example, like the relationship between the main guy (the girly one) Quote from reid1 . Neuro and Yako in majin tantei nougami neuro. The characters of the manga series Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. Neuro Nōgami VA: Takehito KoyasuA powerful open/close all folders. Neuro and Yako.

Treatment of Yako varies from officer to officer, as while there are many who idolize her for 'her work' and fame, there are also many who resent her 'butting in' to their work, especially because of her age.

She is more than a mere puppet, however; through the series, Yako matures into a person who is able to understand the criminal she faces and get in their head, wither to talk them down or to derive their motive.

neuro yako relationship quotes

She covers a blindside of Neuro's, specifically the human heart, and also comforts the family and friends of the victims. From arc to arc, Neuro's presence seems to be a beacon to all the other oddities of the world. During each case, once the culprit has been singled out and the murder method explained, the murderer's form will warp demonically.

Often they will attack, only to be subdued by Neuro, with the help of his Demon Tools of which there are 'normal' ones, with 7 even more powerful ones and promptly drained of their mystery.

Foremost among the numerous antagonists presented is an amnesiac, shapeshifting serial-killer by the name of Monster Robber X. Kaitou Sai who becomes obsessed with the idea of dissecting Neuro. Sai is known for tearing up his victims and leaving behind the remains in a glass box.

He does this in the misguided belief that it will help him understand what his true form is; when this yeilds no results, he sets his sights instead on the demon, sure that his body will hold the answers. During his case, as well as Aya Asia's, Yako truly shines. With HAL she extensively researches his creator and model's past, finding out that his true purpose was to recreate the mind of the woman that his creator loved, whose name also doubled as the password needed to allow Neuro access to the A.

This earns her the respect of HAL, and she deletes him at his request. During Aya's case, while Neuro figures out the method, Yako is able to discern the reason that Aya would kill two of her dearest people, as well as the fact that Aya wanted to be brought to justice for it. This earns her a longterm friend, even after the older woman accepted a hefty prison sentence. During the final arc of the manga, the strongest and most malevolent enemies yet are introduced.

The New Bloodline is a coalition of mutant terrorists who believe that they actually have evil bred into their genes, and wish for nothing less than the complete eradication of the 'lesser' human race. At their head is Sicks, a heinous individual and the progenitor of Sai, who he kidnaps and brainwashes.

Though Neuro does eventually whittle down his forces and kill him with the help of Sai, who unfortunately dies in the processmany innocent people die and he is left so weakened that he must return to his original dimension. Though Neuro tells Yako that there is no way to tell how long he will be gone due to the nature of travelling between the worlds, she promises to wait and to keep improving in his absence.

I'm taking her from several months into this wait. Personality Edit Yako is a very sweet and empathetic person, having sympathized with and comforted murderers numerous times. She often wants to think the best of people, and it can be said that she is too nice for her own good. She has a history of bending to the will of others, generally because the individual who imposed his will on her to do for a long span of time was an abusive demon.

However, she can be quite stubborn when she sets her mind on something. She makes friends easily, often inspires loyalty in others, and tries her hardest not to be a burden. She has an amazing appetite, and eats ridiculously large amounts of food. It is possible that this is a result of a blend of a fast metabolism and an eating disorder, as she has stated before that she eats when she "feels happy or upset. However, despite her overall cheerful demeanor, Yako is still depressed over the death of her father and several of her friends.

Much of her deep loyalty and concern for others seems ingrained from the start of the series, but a portion of it definitely has roots in the New Bloodline Arc of the manga, during which several of her friends died. She blames herself for not being perceptive enough or acting quickly enough to prevent those deaths. Fumio Hongou, a mathematical genius who had been a close friend, was revealed to have been working for Sicks the leader of the New Bloodline, a 'race' with evil 'bred into their blood', likened to the evolutionary progression of horses and had allowed him to run tests on his own beloved daughter.

Hongou helped Sicks set a trap that nearly killed Yako and Neuro, and lead to the death of Sasazuka, a detective who was a dear friend of Yako's and who viewed her as a second sister. Because of this, during college he sank into the criminal underworld to find their killer. When it is revealed that Sicks is the culprit, he chooses to revert to that criminal mentality and sets a deadly trap.

neuro yako relationship quotes

While most of Sicks associates and bodyguards die, he survives and kills Sasazuka after allowing Eleven the brainwashed, female form of Sai to scan his memories. Yako berates herself violently over not seeing the change in him, believing she could have saved him somehow. After his death she confronts Hongou, who tells her of his admiration and connection to Sicks, before injecting a deadly fluid into his neck and jumping off a bridge, killing himself right before her eyes.

Unsurprisingly, this leaves a rather large emotional scar on Yako. Her faith in others is restored when she is comforted by Aya, who broke out of prison just to do so.

She finds a document from Hongou in the house he left her before taking his life. It contains a note apologizing, saying that "he couldn't betray that man in life, but could do so in death" and contained vital information on the New Bloodline. This series of events ultimately strengthens her resolve to help and save people, as well as her belief that almost everyone has some spark of goodness in them, no matter what their circumstance.

Despite the facade of complacency Yako sometimes projects, she has an incredible amount of back bone when properly riled. Once she has her mind set on something, Yako rarely gives up.

This too could be a major part of why she stays with Neuro. She is intuitive, often able to discern what people truly feel after talking with them for a while, but very much capable of being blindsided by a particualrly crafty or seemingly innocent person.

Yako Katsuragi

Though initially she merely wishes to repay him for solving her father's mystery and fears his constant threats, through the series her motives deviate more and more. She begins to see Neuro as a friend, and through that, feels the urge to help him in whatever ways she can. She's an extremely protective person at heart, and usually thinks of others, especially those in pain, before herself.

neuro yako relationship quotes

Kosuke Toriumi Sasazuka's partner and looks up to him greatly. A huge Otaku, Jun's apparently kept on the team only to provide a balance for Sasauka. His models and smaller desires, like getting autographs or taking pictures, are often destroyed by Sasazuka and later Shizuka. Played with, because some of the time it's legitimately things he shouldn't be doing like, again, getting autographs.

Because of this, it's shown once and can be inferred that Jun is very good at rebuilding evidence, which may be part of the reason Eye Take: His main reaction face; if he's part of a joke, it's likely him doing an Eye Take. He looks up to Sasazuka and he tries getting Aya's picture and autograph. The largest part of Jun's character seems to be making Sasazuka comedic, from having the older detective break his things to lighting an autograph bored on fire and attacking Jun while in the middle of a phone conversation.

He also doesn't seem to be enjoying his time during the HAL arc, since whenever seen he has a weary expression painting his face. So much so that he ends up telling Yako the information about dangerous suspects despite Sasazuka wanting to leave her out of it. Despite his incompetency, the Police Department keeps him hired because he balances out not only Sasazuka, but some of the other members as well - as Sasazuka himself put it, "you need all kinds of people in the Police Department".

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro / Characters - TV Tropes

He's often seen building models of robots or vehicles while on duty. Views Shizuka as this, largely because he believed he was in danger of losing his job as a policeman period. Calls Sasazuka "Sempai" and later names himself "Sempai" when Sasazuka dies. In-universe example, his name at birth was "Shun", but it was spelled wrong into "Jun" on papers, so he sticks with it. After the death of Sasazuka, Jun abandons his more childish attitude to become a little more serious, intending to pick up where Sasazuka left off.

Naohiro Usui The chief of police, Usui is a strict boss who desires nothing more than perfection. He was originally Sasazuka's rival, and he seems to hate everyone but Tsukushi. Had a soft spot for cute things like panda and flowers.

He competed with Sasazuka for high grades when they were in collage, but at the same time often gambled with him. Not So Above It All: He tries to be serious most of the time but there are moments where he's just as bad as others like spending the whole day just to listen to the sounds inside seashells Sore Loser: While Usui did, in the end, get higher grades than Sasazuka, he only did so because Sasazuka's family had died and, in response, Sasazuka lost all energy for life.

Usui's never forgiven him for abandoning their rivalry, thus why he treats Sasazuka terribly and the detective doesn't mind. They take down several and are actually essential in stopping it on a systemic level while Neuro takes out individual leaders.

Hiroki Yasumoto A quiet man who threatens everyone he comes in contact with without really trying, Tsukushi is there to assist Usui. Also knew Sasazuka and Usui from their collage days, but he wasn't as close to either of them back then as Usui was to Sasazuka.

He's actually rather friendly, despite his quiet attitude. He apparently eats one every day before going to work. He's allergic to chocolate, which causes him to look "like an angel who's been shot down". It's apparently divine looking. Shizuka Todoroki A detective who never appeared in the anime, she's recruited and added on to be Sasazuka's partner during the New Bloodline arc.

A serious woman who's the complete opposite of Jun in all aspects except looking up to Sasazuka, she follows her job to a T. She's called onto the scene before her proper introduction to demonstrate that a grown woman, even on the Police Force, couldn't push someone over a high rail and off a tall building. Nozomu Sasaki A 19 year old hacker who works for the Police Department.

Very important during the HAL arc, Higuchi assisted in revealing information about, decoding, and curing the Electronic Drug. He acts almost his age, but he's incredibly playful. Shortly after he was born, his parents became addicted to an MMO which came to dominate their lives, leaving Higuchi to buy his meals at the convenience store and to play the game with them. Their house is a mess from what we see of it. They committed suicide after he forced their MMO to crash, unable to live without it.

HAL manages to control Higuchi and forces him to become the last Sphinx. He wasn't entirely Brainwashed, however, which Yako found out when he broke into a guilt-filled rant about his past. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Because he didn't have a good relationship with his parents, Higuchi doesn't know a single thing about Japanese Politeness. As such, Usui, in order to keep him from making his own Electronic Virus, forced Higuchi to be strapped to a chair and watch twelve hours non-stop of videos on etiquette, which he called the "anti-virus".

After making a weaker Electronic Drug to brainwash a supervisor into being laid-back, Higuchi suffers twenty-four hours of said tapes and completely forgets how to make the virus.

He's also hard-wired to go into Sincerity Mode when surprised, thanks to the tapes. For three days, the Police Department website was replaced with the "sakuradamon Department Store", with each department and member replaced with a lookalike shop and employee. The Police Department retaliated by allowing it to continue until they could absolutely catch Higuchi. He can even hack traffic lights. Goggles Do Something Unusual: His glasses, which he usually wears on his forehead, are capable of preventing him from seeing the true effects of the Electronic Drug.

Grey and Gray Morality: While not evil, he's able to bring up morally questionable things and press ethics. It's All My Fault: His parents committed suicide when their favorite MMO, their life, was destroyed after Higuchi hacked it. He blames himself for their deaths, as he only wanted them to pay attention to him. He's farsighted, but he never uses his glasses. Continuing the incident involving the police website above, the Police believed that, if Higuchi was arrested and put into jail, he'd be hired by companies to do far worse things.

As such, the Police hired him first and allowed Usui to watch over him. Known for killing his victim by shredding them up and creating a glass red box with what remains of their body inside and then stealing one object from their house, X becomes becomes Neuro's greatest enemy.

His shape shifting abilities are powerful and grow moreso over the course of the series, but they also cause him to lose his memories frequently. As such, he has no clue as to his origins. He's very laid back and childish, even when killing a gorilla. The only time he loses his cool is when Neuro manages to best him in combat, and when learning Neuro is technically dying. Of the anime overall, and the first major one in the manga Cain and Abel: The Cain to Yako's Abel, anime only.

The death of Sasazuka's family is always regarded as X's fault. To tell the truth, it was Sicks. X just found the wooden boxes the family members were turned into, complained how you couldn't see inside, and got his idea for his M. Regards himself as a monster due to his shape shifting abilities.

It's because of this mindset that he desires to see Neuro's insides, as he feels they're kindred spirits. His modus operandi, if his victim is sufficiently interesting to him.

After a sufficient amount of time, anyone X has replaced will suddenly reappear in his typical glass cubes, and he'll be off unto his next victim. Gave the story an overarching plot and a consistent villain. His main personality trait. Everything X does is to understand who he is, from his habit of creating red boxes to trying to murder Neuro.

And, unfortunately, when he finds his answer, he faces the same problem over again but isn't aware of it due to Sicks' manipulation and memory wiping. His anime and manga back stories are different. He was created as a female clone of Sicks, leader of the New Bloodline.

As the Eleventh clone, she was called XI and was released shortly after the death of Sasazuka's family to gain experience. However, because her shape shifting abilities removed her memory, she soon forgot her gender and history and became the boy known as X. Discovering the remains of Sasazuka's family, who Sicks killed himself and stuffed into wooden crates, he mourned on how you couldn't see inside them, which formed his M.

From then on, with Ai's encouragement, he set off killing and disguising himself as others to find out who he was inside, leading to present day.

X was born to Seiichi Katsuragi, Yako's father, and a witch named Seiren. Being able to shape shift due to a superior form of cancer at the price of losing his memory every six months, X set out to find out who he was before he lost all of his memories. The reason his name is pronounced "sigh" instead of "ecks" and despite his name being consistently spelled "X" is because his name was first called "Monster Robber Xi" by a foreign media: X for the unknown, I for the invisible.

When pronounced in English, it becomes "Sai". However, there's about three roots: Arabic into Old Spanish: There are two Greek letters that use X.

The Greek word "xenos" means "unknown", more or less for strangers or foreigners than the actual unknown. Latin actually has its roots tied directly to the Arabic into Old Spanish written above. When the Arabic word for "something" became "x", the Latin language took it up and used it in Algebra to denote unknown numbers. Really it's two letters, as described above, but his name is always rendered as X. The recurring villain in the series when it was Monster of the Week beforehand, he ends up revealing the true colors of the manga before HAL ever gets started and he creates a lot of mysteries in the narrative-perspective.

He plays the role of an idiot villain when he's not in the middle of a crime, with Ai being his straight-man. Technically, with Ai as she's his lover depends on the day while being anything else for him on others. Initially he was stuck to transforming into humans. However, the longer he lives, the stronger his powers become, allowing him to shapeshift into animals and even mutate his body into having extra limbs and strength to match Neuro.

White Hair, Black Heart: He shows compassion to his assistant, Ai, as well as to Yako in the late manga and anime and to Yuka Eshiya. However, he can quickly become homicidal and he kills without mercy.

You Are Number 6: We say "usually" because her role changes from day to day, depending on who X is impersonating. It's because of Ai that X is known as a thief, but she's stated that her house is becoming filled with "B-grade goods" like wooden bear statues ever since X gained an interest in Neuro.

Before becoming Ai, she was "Plane Crasher Imina" who bombed or poisoned planes. Ai believed that every human is exactly the same, inside and out. This actually greatly upset X when they first met, but this view changed after X murdered her backstabbing comrades in front of her.

After seeing him in action, she swore to X that, if he wanted to see her insides, she also wanted to see who he was. Ai is rational, pragmatic, mature and stoic while X is impulsive, whimsical, childish and very expressive. She's 25, despite looking more along the lines of Yako's age range.

Her specialty is literally "everything and anything". Her very straight and orderly attitude functions well for X. She chose the nickname "I" for "The Invisible"; the servant who's always there beside X, but never seen.

When she first met X, she was only surprised about his shape shifting. What caused her sudden death much to everyone and the readers' shock. She's probably the only person alive who could be X's straight man.

Technically with X as, depending on the day, Ai can be X's master or lover. Minami Takayama A singer whose voice can reach into people's hearts, move and even control them.

neuro yako relationship quotes

She was uncovered by Yako and later become one if her greatest allies. Her prison is quite good and secure to other humans, but to Aya, the only reasons she hasn't get out yet is because she want to stay. If she decides to leave, Aya can just walk straight out of the front door, singing to force everyone to clear the way. Unlike most examples though, the one time she left on her own accord, she came right back in and allowed her sentence to be increased for it.

She's the one Yako often run to seek advice or just someone listening to her problems since Yako can't exactly talking about those things to normal people Evil Diva: Not really evil, but she will kill you if you make her love you too much.

After Yako solves her case on-stage, and reveals Aya's motivations for doing so, Aya willingly turns herself over to the police. She starts to reform in her time in prison, and becomes Yako's ally. The anime changes the scene somewhat, however, making Yako's reveal cause the "puzzle" Neuro feasts on the disappear Love Makes You Evil: The inversion is her main motive.

She felt love weakened her; so killed everyone who loved her and that she loved.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (Manga) - TV Tropes

At one point, she even tell Yako not to make her Aya love her too much or she will have to blow Yako's brain out with her voice. Before she was incarcerated, Aya needed to feel a sense of loss to influence others.

Once Yako put her soul and mind to rest, her voice becomes nigh on a force of nature, influencing the guards at her jail, officers of the state, and even insects and plants.

The only reason she doesn't control the entire building is simply because she doesn't want to. In a sense, she also inspired one in Yako, showcasing the start of Yako's abilities to understand people.

I who plotted to take over the world with an Electronic Drug, which brainwashed the masses via hacking televisions and computers to display the drug. While Eisuke was killed when HAL revolted, HAL himself was later taken down when Neuro trashed his defense system and devoured his mystery, and then uninstalled by Yako.

The original HAL turns out to an Anti-Villain who wanted to revive his lover, Setsuna, but the second one was definitely this. And I Must Scream: HAL is trapped in one, the more one thinks on it.

He's bound to follow Harukawa's goals in recreating Setsuna, even though he knows, even with all the resources in the world at his disposal, the chances of him succeeding is nigh on impossible. He has no option to stop. Of the HAL Arc. The second one in both the anime and manga. Setsuna's death at the hands of her degenerating mind, which is later revealed to have been caused by Sicks, is what drove Harukawa to find a way to bring her back Gone Horribly Right: HAL, as defined by Harukawa.

The Man Behind the Man: In the anime almost all the random culprits from earlier in the manga were retconned into being guinea pigs of HAL and the electronic drug. This is most likely because the anime ended before the last arc involving the New Bloodline could be animated and as such, HAL is the last arc antagonist faced by Neuro and co. What brought him to kill Harukawa, knowing their goal was nigh on impossible no matter the resources they acrued.

Both Harukawa and HAL wanted nothing more than to see Setsuna again, their goal being to recreate her digitally, in her entirety. Takeda Keitarou A member of the police at the start of the series and a dective on the murder of Yako's father along with Sasazuka.

neuro yako relationship quotes

Unbeknownst to everyone though, he was the real murderer, and obfuscated the evidence of his involvement. Neuro's involvement, however, put an end to the charade and Sasazuka arrested him. Has a rather large one on his forehead; his tongue appears to have a similar mark. The reason he killed Yako's father? To see the despair on her face afterwards. With how many knives were left in Yako's father, it's hard to see him as anything but. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!

Had he kept Yako and Neuro from investigating the crime scene, Neuro wouldn't have had such an easy time solving the case. It's rather notable because Sasazuka was against Yako investigating the scene, meaning there would be precident to restrict her access. That said, it's debatable at how much an impact this would have made, given said crime was solved at Neuro's most powerful state and Neuro hardly follows normal restrictions anyways.

No Kill Like Overkill: He stabbed Yako's father with so many knives the body better ressembled a pin cushion. Crosses into Cruel and Unusual Deathsince it took the victim around fifteen hours to expire from his wounds. His involvement in his crime makes the police more lenient towards Yako's investigations into their crime scenes. Inspires an inversion in Yako. Though he killed her father to see the anguished look on her face, Neuro's involvement turned his crime into the reason Yako persists with Neuro as a detective, and ultimately leads to her bettering herself.

His involvement in the anime was in the background of one scene, a few mentions, and as a disguise for Sai. Sai disguised as him was enough to make Yako faint on sight.