Persepolis marjis relationship with god

Religious Identity in Persepolis – International Fiction

From what I recall, she began to "hero worship" revolutionaries instead of simply worshipping God. Her relationship with the idea of God. Religion and the Relationship with God in Persepolis and Things Islamic/ Muslim God:Allah; Ibo culture- Things Fall Apart was with Marji. In the beginning of this memoir she often refers to God as a symbol of comfort and What intrigued me about her relationship with God was his physical I also found Marji's portrayal of God in Persepolis quite interesting as it.

Before the revolution, they attend parties where people drink and smoke and debate politics and sex.

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But after the revolution, these parties are pushed underground. They become illegal gatherings with alcohol transported in petrol cans. Rather Iranian society closes in on itself when Islamic fundamentalists win the majority in the subsequent referendum.

A theocratic state, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is established, and with it a period of brutal oppression. Arrest and torture faced those who opposed the new order. Universities were purged of dissidents. Newspapers were monitored and closed. Drug and sexual offences were punishable by death. Persepolis renders the contrasts between life before and after the Revolution as starkly as the black and white images. This shows that he cares and understands about Marji and how she may react towards some things.

As on pagesshe would be mad and sad because she finds out her uncle Anoosh has gone to jail. That same night God came to comfort her, Marji then becomes real cruel and shouts in his faceand tells him not to come back never again. After all, he was still God. Marji then started to realize that God wasnt really somebody that could do all people say he could in books.

The Meaning Behind Marji’s God

So when od showed up at a bad time, she would yell and be upset at him. This was because she thought he could be there at all times. Also, throughout the story God then stopped coming to her rescue.

Not only did she speak with God every night, she also had a Holy Book. She views him as somebody that has a plan for the future of Iran. Marjane emulates her uncle not only because she wants to be like him, but also because she understands his wisdom and thinks his knowledge should be spread through the rest of Iran.

Marjane Feels lost without God 71 When Uncle Anoosh is unexpectedly taken prisoner, Marjane finds herself lost and lacking guidance at troubling time. Before this chapter, we often see Marjane communicating with God as a friend and a guide.

But after Uncle Anoosh is taken to prison, Marjane takes out all of her frustrations on God. Get out of my life!