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relationship counsiling

Relationships Australia offers a service where you can chat privately and securely about family or relationship issues with an online professional counsellor. Professional Marriage Counselling Gold Coast with 18 years experience. Confidential, private with transformative results. Call Jiselle Saraghi Trouble at home? Our marriage, couples and relationship counselling services have helped countless people in Brisbane achieve their desired relationship.

They often fail to talk about it or they may say things that are hurtful and this only takes them further away from finding a solution.

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Often at this point people can do and say things that they later regret, which leaves the other person feeling hurt, rejected and misunderstood. A couples counsellor can help people to identify and rectify these destructive patterns and assist the couple in achieving more harmonious interactions.

It is recommended that when in a relationship you share with your partner your expectations and develop ways in which you can work together as a team.

Couples Counselling

Partners can also experience conflict around aspects of life such as the raising of children, parenting methods, sexual interests, financial management, choice of school, household tasks, holiday destinations, etc. It is important to keep the lines of communication open about these aspects of life rather than assuming that both of you will be in agreement regarding such issues.

Recovery from an affair When a partner chooses to connect with another person outside of their relationship, a great deal of pain is usually caused within the relationship or marriage.

After an affair, the sooner you seek therapeutic intervention, the faster your relationship will recover. Early intervention can save a lot of unnecessary pain, embarrassment and unpleasantness in your relationship.

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Most relationships begin in the same way. Generally a person falls madly in love with another and then can see no wrong in the person with whom they have fallen in love. More often, however beautifully a relationship begins, cracks frequently start to emerge and the person who was once thought of as being able to do no wrong, now begins to let their partner down and disappoint them.

Difficulties eventually emerge in the relationship, some of which are easily resolved but others can become intractable. Unhelpful patterns can then develop in the areas of communication, interactions, and conflict resolution.

Marriage, couples & relationship counselling

These can frequently result in keeping a couple stuck in an unhealthy way of being together. The same old arguments and discussions are had on a recurring basis, as on a merry-go-round with no clear way to get off the unpleasant ride. Many people consider separating at this point, when an alternative would be to engage in couples or marriage counselling services to gain some expert help in working through these challenging times in their relationship.

When do we get help for our relationship? All relationships face difficulties that are often resolved over time. If you are also struggling financially this will not be a barrier to you receiving service — we and other not-for-profit services waive counselling fees in times of financial distress. Take care of yourself. My wife and I are now separated and still living under the same roof.

relationship counsiling

I have tried to contact places that could maybe help but it has been days now and I am not getting return phone calls. Can you direct me to someone who can help but not charge a fortune as we are a very low income family? It does sound like counselling might be a good next step for you and your wife, as it can give you new ways to communicate with each other.

If you are in the Brisbane, Ipswich or Logan areas please give us a call on Our fee structure is detailed hereand we do waive the fees under certain circumstances.

What services do you have? Please give us a call on to talk to a client care coordinator about your needs. I have been sad for weird reasons and my character and moods change so much. What do i do? I know that can be pretty tough to do.

relationship counsiling

Also, thanks for your patience while we got back to you over the holiday season. You mentioned you are experiencing some emotional and character changes. Otherwise, depending on your age and location there might be other services that might be able to help you. We do want to support you, whatever the best option might be. Ethan January 13, Reply I need counselling for a problem I suffered from years ago, can you help me? Jess Anglicare Staff January 13, Reply Hi Ethan, Whether or not our service is the right one for you is something we determine in your first phone call with one of our intake officers.

I can tell you that we primarily assist people with family and relationship issues, however we do have specialist counsellors for some other specific needs.

relationship counsiling

If it turns out another service might be a better fit for you, we can assist with a referral. If this suits you, please get in touch with us on and we can work this out together. We always seem to fight or disagree.

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Do you do counseling for this? I feel like I need some guidance. Please give us a call on to book your first appointment or find out more. Cheers, David February 23, Reply Hi, I have been with my wife for 13 years and we have 5 children. We have had our ups and downs over the years, and she had pretty bad PND!