School days kotonoha ending a relationship

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school days kotonoha ending a relationship

Two Lovers is one of the harem endings in School Days in which Makoto ends up being misinformed of Sekai and Makoto's relationship think they're going out. Kotonoha Katsura loves and respects her parents (Mr. Katsura and Manami Sekai as they end their rivalry and decide to share their relationship with Makoto. In this episode Makoto and Sekai try to tell Kotonoha of their relationship and fail. only ending possible is I Love You and Forever, none are Kotonoha endings.

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Sekai asks if she was just a substitute for Kotonoha and then berates herself for thinking Makoto was her boyfriend and then runs away. She runs into Kotonoha and asks when did she start stealing Makoto away from her. Kotonoha then accuses her as the one who stole Makoto and since now she's capable of satisfying Makoto Sekai should stay away from her.

The next day Setsuna drags Makoto to the roof to talk and when Setsuna asks about Kotonoha Makoto admits everything is his own fault and Setsuna asks him to just not make Sekai cry. During the evening Kotonoha comes to Makoto's again and Makoto gives in to temptation and sleeps with her again.

Later Kotonoha asks Makoto to have lunch with her and then have his way with her again. The next day during the train ride to school Hikari sees them and gets suspicious.

During lunchtime Makoto tries to avoid Kotonoha and then runs into Otome but gets found by Kotonoha. Otome asks if he's going out with Kotonoha to which Makoto tries to answer no but Kotonoha says yes. Makoto then says he's in love with Sekai and Otome accuses Kotonoha of being the reason why Sekai ran out crying and isn't at school anymore.

Makoto then breaks up with her and says even if he can't make up with Sekai he won't choose Kotonoha anymore. Makoto thanks Otome and then decides to go to Sekai. The Routemap with all possible scenes covered, highlighted in orange.

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Note getting all the scenes in a single playthrough may not be possible. Makoto says he's sorry, that he gets swayed too easily but he loves her and won't be tempted by Kotonoha anymore.

school days kotonoha ending a relationship

If the player met the conditions for I Love You the game ends here. Forever Edit Makoto and Sekai make up and they go to Makoto's and they're surprised to find Kotonoha there, Makot's mother having let her in. Makoto says Sekai forgave her, despite him being weak and quick to waver and that he loves Sekai.

I Love You and Forever

Kotonoha says she just can't give up since he can't live without Makoto and will do anything for him no matter what and asks if it's not enough. Makoto says no and Kotonoha's eyes drain of color right in front of them. Sekai says she's sorry but she loves Makoto and that's why she won't hesitate anymore. Sekai then says there's no point in forcing themselves to tell her and should tell her only if the mood is right.

Kotonoha's kept at class being bulled by Otome and her friends while Makoto and Sekai are waiting for her. They then embrace each other while waiting for her and if she sees them like that then they can tell her right there. Kotonoha comes running and then starts crying. Kotonoha explains what happened and Makoto offers to talk to his friend in class 4 not knowing it was actually Otome who bullied her to help her but Kotonoha declines his help and says she just feels better telling him about it.

Kotonoha then invites him to a movie but Makoto lies about his sister coming over to get out of it. During class Makoto tells Sekai about his family and Sekai asks to come over since it's her fault Makoto's alone and wants to keep him company. In class 4 Otome and her friends talk about the haunted house and their plans to invite boys to the break room. Otome trying to bully Kotonoha tells him to stay away from Makoto but Kotonoha firmly declares he's her boyfriend.

Before going home Sekai asks Setsuna to pret Sekai and Makoto caught ends she's sleeping over at her place. Makoto runs into Otome but she fails to say anything to him. Kotonoha comes home and tells her she failed to invite Makoto to the movies and Manami asks her to bring Makoto over sometime. Sekai comes over to Makoto's home and after a little chit chat they have sex. Sekai says he's still Kotonoha's boyfriend but since she knows he loves her it's okay.

Sekai stays during the night and go to school very early. Kotonoha emails Makoto saying she'll be 20 minutes late.

school days kotonoha ending a relationship

If the player takes Kokoro's route, they can also become a happy couple, but Kokoro will be Makoto's another girlfriend. In Cross Days, Kotonoha and Makoto's relationship have already been endangered by Sekai and others, but the protagonist Yuuki Ashikaga volunteers to help her win him back, although his plans backfire on many occasions.

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Makoto's mother and younger sister, Itaru Itouget along with Kotonoha very well, which can be largely attributed to her gentle and polite behaviour. Kotonoha refers Makoto with high honorifics. It is suggested she doesn't care about Makoto has paramours or not very much, as long as he admits he loves her the most. Edit Kotonoha genuinely thanks Sekai for matching her and Makoto. In School Days, Kotonoha considers Sekai Saionji as her dear friend who's responsible for putting her and Makoto together.

Another reason is Sekai actively approaches her and is friendly to her while most other people incredibly cold and even hostile to her.

Sekai also helps Kotonoha and Makoto become lovers, thus she is extremely grateful. That's why Kotonoha is too disappointed when figures out Sekai's betrayal and resorts in unconventional solutions in some cases.

Kotonoha and Sekai ending their rivalry with kiss. In Two Lovers ending Kotonoha develops bisexual feelings for Sekai as they end their rivalry and decide to share their relationship with Makoto. In Summer DaysKotonoha and Sekai dosen't know each other since chronologically Sekai's involvement between Kotonoha and Makoto happens in the second semester, while the story is set during summer vacation, right before the second semester.

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In Cross Days there is not much to say about relationship between Kotonoha and Sekai because the latter is reduced to a tertiary role. In the manga version they get along well,and Sekai accepts Makoto dumping her over Kotohona after the betrayal. She wants to remain friends and watches Makoto apologizing to Kotohona. However at that point Kotohona reveals that blames Sekai for the betrayal and not Makoto.