Sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

My Candy Love Walk-through: Castiel

sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

Aceasta este pagina noastră de Sweet flirtGoal HAVE FUNN ♥ 3 Mickeyy Aceasta postare contine informati despre episodul 40, deci cuprinde continut de tip spoiler pentru cei Urmez ruta lui Castiel!. Castiel: Ep 1. A New High School You have 4 convos in ep 1 "Hello, I'm new. . Ep 3. Hey, umm did you get everything worked out with your absentee note?. Here are the Illustrations of ep 7!. ~ Priya is always bolder! ~ I love Castiel's guitar ! pity that we can not hear his voice ~ Dolcy is upset, but hey, Hyun.

But it was so tempting…. I was just unlucky. So what did you see? Yeah it was so scary! I was in the staircases with Li, just about ready to leave and we heard this noise and then we saw this shadow!

Yes, like a scream, then this large shadow appeared! You really believe in ghosts? In any case there was someone or something here at night.

sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

Iris thought of that. The ghost, it appeared again! I saw you with Castiel earlier on! What are you hiding from me?

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Come on, admit everything! You must have confused me with someone else. I think I can recognize you by now. Ok, all right, yes we were talking. It can happen on the rare occasion. Ok, but what about? But what are you guys cooking? Did you know that Amber stole money off me?

Phew, finally done showing that teacher around the school. Amber is a real jerk!

sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

This time she stole money from me. Are you dreaming or what?! Since Amber wants to go out with you, maybe we could work out a plan together? Mmm… You could ask her to go out with you, and then you shame her in front of everyone.

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Mmm… We could take a picture together and give it to her afterwards? Mmm… And if you did deliberately to embrace it?! Not even a little idea? Are you being serious? I got caught spraying her locker! I got caught by the principal! And I'm sure he's just doing this so I might get expelled form school.

sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

Ok listen, I'm tired of all of this, sign it and if you're not happy, take it up with him. Force Castiel to sign Affinity - What, really?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I don't want you to get expelled, forget about the note, I'll give it back to him. You're as much of a pain as he is. Here's your note, signed, happy? Now get out of my sight. Of course, I'm not going to get expelled that easily and I have to find him for the principle at all costs. Affinity - 4 Ah! The principal totally yelled at me about him! The principal totally flipped out and is making me find him for her!

Ah, nothing surprises me anymore about that woman and her dog. Good luck finding him, but if you don't, besides sticking you with an hour or two after school, she can't do much. Thank's but unlike you, I don't want any trouble. Affinity - 8 I would still rather not have her on my back.

Well, do what you want. So is the hunt for mini Rover going well? Not really, by the way, I bet you don't have any animals. Affinity - 3 Not really, by the way, I bet you're a cat owner. Affinity - 7 Not really, by the way, I bet you're a dog owner.

Bingo, I don't like cats, they're ungrateful little beasts. I do have a dog though, but a big one, not like that little yappy mutt the principal has. Is it's name Kiki too?

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They can be really cute and nice too. Big dogs make me nervous, they can be dangerous. Nah, of course not. His name is "Demon". That was the idea, but he's not really mean.

sweet flirt episodul 3 castiel

A I forgot to ask you what kind of dog do you have. Oh, I don't know what that is. Affinity - 4 Oh yeah, that's one of those dogs that's all white! Affinity - 4 Castiel: Either you mean all black or you're thinking of something else. I saw that yappy mutt run by here a couple of times already.