Twin flame emotional connection relationship

Twin Flame: Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship

twin flame emotional connection relationship

I specialize in Twin Flames and soulmates and love and relationships and I've Once twin flames meet and connect, twin flame activation and illumination takes the twins basically swap parts including the feelings and emotions that come. Once this sometimes-difficult work is done, and a deep emotional connection is solidified, twin flames will begin experiencing an unsurpassed. 18 Signs You're Experiencing What's Known As A 'Twin Flame' Relationship It's almost as though your connection is too intense for you to be consistently together. You will find yourself becoming almost irrationally emotional when you're.

Yes, separation is an illusion but the experience sure feels painfully real. Sure, in the end we need to suck it up — but it is in the feeling of the intense depth of our pain that we actually push through and get to the other side of the transformation. The biggest catalyst for change is adversity. Last week I was watching another loop movie with my youngest son.

The movie we watched was a modern version of this.

When the Ego takes hold in a Twin Flame Relationship

A college student wakes up in a dorm room on the day of her birthday over and over again, to figure out who kills her that day. The girl starts out as a spoiled brat that is not very nice to anyone basically. As the movie unfolds and she comes closer and closer to unmasking her killer she in facts heals deeper and deeper inside which makes her want to become a much better person.

She makes a degree turnaround in character, when she allows herself to deal with the traumatic effects of losing her mother at a young age and stops trying to avoid the pain it caused her. Yet it is the above mentioned crappy behavior of your twin, that will be the catalyst of this inner transformation together with the looping effect of not being able to move on from this person.

As Twin Flames we are in exactly such a looping experience, until we figure out how to break the loop. Just like any character in a loop movie, we try the easy way out first.

Then we try our old ways. Spirit has only one way to get you there and that is to not leave you any other option — but to move out of the old and into the new. If you got the guy or girl of your dreams immediately, there would be no incentive to do anything any other way because doing things the way you have always done them, got you what you wanted.

It is in NOT immediately getting what you want, that you get stretched from who you were to begin with and who you wanted to become in this lifetime. How to break the loop?! Way too many Divine Feminines use unconditional love as an excuse to become their Twin Flames doormat when loving unconditionally should also be directed at the self. Read this blog here about the new love templates Twin Flames are bringing into the world. Say your twin is married and keeps coming around to you for sex, just because that person is your Twin Flame does not change the fact that you are having an affair with a married person.

But above all this is not a way to get this person to commit to you, if this person really wants to be with you sex is not going to be the decisive factor.

Yet making them feel what their life will be like without you in it, is sheer manipulation. The shift has to be real and genuine to break the loop. In the case of Twin Flames, what binds most twins in the looping effect is the fear that if they let their twin go — they will lose them forever.

Fear of loss is at THE ROOT of codependency read this powerful article on how codependency shows up in the Twin Flame connection and it is this fear that makes way too many Divine Feminines shy away from speaking their truth, standing in their power and becoming who they are meant to be — because they subconsciously fear that choosing for themselves will cost them their connection with their twin.

You becoming who YOU are meant to be, fully and unapologetically. Your telepathy disappeared maybe. Is this really my Twin Flame? Or everything feels lost and over, is this really the end? Of course if you get entangled and stuck in negative emotions then you have a problem. If this is the case for you now, write yourself an email as if it is directed to the Universe and ask your Divine guidance team to show you the truth of the situation you are angry about and what you need to know.

This will open up the way to see what is happening in your physical experience from the highest perspective, which will help you to understand and forgive if necessary. There are many moments on this journey that doubt or negative feelings creep in, yet there also seems to be a taboo on expressing them because well then this person must not be your Twin Flame and sure this can apply to some cases. It is actually a very positive sign if you are starting to feel all twinned-out because it means your are coming more into balance.

It also means you are close to an important pivot point of either coming into physical union with your twin or finally being able to move on with your life. A prerequisite for it truly being twinned-out and not just sick and tired of read impatient with the journey, is that you have made the inner transformation, which I talk about here in this article on inner union.

Many people freak out when they start to feel more neutral or maybe even somewhat negative toward the twin — afraid it means all is lost perhaps.

twin flame emotional connection relationship

Here are some signs that you are starting to feel twinned-out: But, if you use that recognition to your advantage, your twin flame love can work alongside you and help you to become the best person that you can be. You see things differently. You understand things differently. Being with your twin flame isn't just supportive, it's uplifting. Your twin flame love presses you to understand more in a different light.

This happens so quickly that you may not see it at first.

twin flame emotional connection relationship

But, after a few short months of being with your twin flame love, you will see yourself thinking before you speak, rather than just reacting like how you used to. You may find yourself perceiving things and situations differently from before. Your twin flame relationship is the most intense, mature relationship you've ever experienced.

They test your abilities and push you to be your best self. If you let it, your fiery love can settle into a comfortable, serious, and adult relationship very quickly. You will find you and your twin flame love conversing about things like careers, work, taxes, etc.

Yet it is still childish, no matter how old you are. That 'flame' never goes away. You can laugh as easily as you can discuss the existence of life outside of the solar system. You can go from talking about wanting to start your own business, to how hilarious it was when Bugs Bunny dressed up like a woman to lead Elmer Fudd off his trail. The love between you guys is just that good. Conversely, your twin flame love will push you to face your emotions head on and deal with them.

Your twin flame is there to heal old wounds and your inner self, raising you up to your own personal standards of self-worth. Your twin flame will teach you to be the best you that you can be. Sometimes, it feels like they're pushing too hard, which can cause problems.

Signs That Reveal You Are In a Twin Flames Relationship

But, sometimes, change is hard and we need a push to get where we want to be. The recognition that they are you and you are them is a hard one to grasp. You can either let it throw your being offbalance, or embrace it and allow that recognition to become your greatest ally in the journey to becoming yourself.

You may get into arguments a lot and have a hard time with how blunt your love can be. You are afraid of how fast things move, and wonder if this is truly the love you want for your life. It is hard to see yourself through someone else's eyes, but it is also inspiring.

If there is something you see that you don't like, your twin flame love will work with you to fix it. And, since they are your mirror-image, they will work on their own side along with you so you don't feel so alone. They are the first person that you go to with a problem or exciting news. They are your best friend and confidant. At times, though this can get aggravating, they are like a guiding figure in your life.

twin flame emotional connection relationship

Not like a parent, but they don't hold back when they see you going down a bad path and will point out when they see you procrastinating. As part of trying to push you to be the best you that you can be, they may be persistent on about things that they know you really want to do and will suggest ways to improve. For example, if you want to play an instrument, they will have no problems helping you to obtain one.

But, they will also constantly ask you how often you've practiced and want to hear you play.

twin flame emotional connection relationship

Your happiness is their happiness, and they know you will be happy with your hard work when it's all said and done, regardless of how annoyed you were when they were grilling you about practicing. You are constantly wanting to learn new things and gain new information.

The other is more spiritual and emotional in nature, meaning that they harness the energies around them and react with emotion, rather than logic. They tend to be more of the 'lover' side of the twin flame unit.

Together, you show each other your points of view on different morals, topics, philosophies, and so forth. Part of the twin flame relationship is to learn new ways of seeing things. The divine connection that joins you two is one of both complete oneness and individuality.

Your connection symbolizes that one cannot be without the other while being a completely separate entity at the same time. It's a hard connection to wrap your mind around. But, when you do, there is nothing better than realizing that you are in a true, divine connection with your twin flame love. But, with your twin flame, it is so much more. When you are facing a difficult problem and your twin flame shows up, you instantly feel more calm and confident, ready to take the problem head-on.

Even thinking about your twin flame love is enough to calm you enough during difficult situations. Say you are trying to study for a test and you are getting overwhelmed by all of the information that you need to research.

You begin learning new things Emotions that may have once been dormant inside of you such as empathy will come sprawling out.

  • 18 Signs You’re Experiencing What’s Known As A ‘Twin Flame’ Relationship

If you sense you are experiencing new feelings while in the presence of your special someone. You now have a purpose to fulfil Things that seemed to be confusing now begin making more sense and life becomes easier. Your life has turned around towards better things. Meeting your twin flame is how you envisioned things would be.

You both walk in unison and remain on track. That is the driving force and reason behind you getting back together so many times. The difference is that both of you will spend more time learning from these experiences rather than quarrelling. If you find yourself having lots of constructive dialogue with your significant other that is a great sign that they are your flame.

This helps twin flames realise their own shortcomings, and have someone to fill the gaps. This would not be the case with your twin flame. Even though you are both bound to each other, you are also free. This is because you both understand each other well. You can be yourself, flaws and all, and they will accept you for that.

twin flame emotional connection relationship

When you are together, you feel at home and more importantly, comfortable in your own skin. This is achieved through dedication and devotion to understanding each other at a higher level. Many people have avoided relationships because they were moving too fast, but meeting your twin flame, the pace was fast. Due to the nature and importance of this relationship. However it is best to progress at a moderate pace. There is going to be a bang of emotions which might be difficult to deal with.

The closest we can come to perfection is through unison. Two people diluting each others flaws to create something beautiful in tandem. If you feel your darker side is suppressed while being with someone, chances are they are your twin flame.

You will go through many stages until your relationship has fully matured. A fully developed twin flame relationship is a sight to behold. The relationship with your twin flame is all about intensity and explosiveness; there will be a stage when it seems like everything has gone down the drain. This reunion is indeed a sight to behold, not only for you and your twin but the people around you.

Looking for your twin flame and understanding the meaning of disappointment At this point in your relationshipyou know that they are out there and you know there is a connection. You can only hope, but it seems like a lifetime of waiting. This waiting process is what gives the twin flame relationship the initial burst of flare.

18 Signs You’re Experiencing What’s Known As A ‘Twin Flame’ Relationship | Thought Catalog

Waiting for your twin flame can make you feel many emotions like sadness, anger, worst of all anxiety and depression. One emotion you might feel is curiosity. This stage is twofold — the gruelling wait and as we mentioned before and the preparation. Preparation is vital to the success of a twin flame relationship.

Being mentally and emotionally ready for your twin flame will be the deciding factor on whether or not the connection works in this lifetime.

It could be one beautiful morning on your way to the park for a nice jog that you happen to pass by someone who instantly catches your eyes and mind. This will feel like more than just a spark, it may feel like a punch to your gut. Although physically meeting your twin flame is rare, there are other ways they may appear.

They can appear in a vision while your daydreaming but the overall result is going to be the same. This phase is the perfect moment to spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for your twin flame. If you have seen your twin flame and the energy feels like they are the one, then you have to prepare yourself for disapointment as they might not accept it.

You have finally met your twin flame. The person you have been longing for many lifetimes. Love will be the word of the day for many days to come.

The longer you stay together, the more profound your bond will be. From this point on changes will start to occur and your previous experiences will make you stronger in dealing with them.

This attraction will be something entirely new for you, and it will be unlike anything you have experienced before. At this point, you will feel everything you have ever asked for has come true.

20 Signs That You Are In Connection With Twin Flame Love

Your flame was the last piece of the puzzle, and now you feel complete. This is now your paradise, and you intend to keep it that way. Once this phase comes to an end, new trials and challenges will besiege your relationship, and it will be a matter of true grit to see if you persevere. Remember that we previously mentioned that your twin is going to be the gaps in your personality.

This will cause a clash of ideologies. This will lead to arguing and fighting and tug of war to see who gains control. This is the stage of the relationship where both twins must learn to grow into each other rather than against each other.

Twin flames who have passed this stage have come out to say that they found this phase to be the moment when the relationship fully solidified.

Many have later realised that disagreement from their loved ones was not a sign of contempt but one of constructive criticism.

In any case, insecurities will run wild during this phase, and both twin flames must remain strong. Paradise is running away? At this point it would seem like Nirvana is attainable.

One twin caves and the other one is grasping at straws. In a twin soul relationship there will be the runner, and the chaser. The chaser is more mature as they will be looking to make things right. The runner however will find reasons to distance themselves.